Waist Training vs Tight Lacing

Waist training refers to a process of reducing weight from the waist. When done in a proper manner, this method can help you to slowly get safe and realistic waist-fat reduction. This is done by wearing a corset and moderately lacing on an everyday basis. You can achieve this by following the instructions of corset training experts in an appropriate manner. On the other hand, Tight lacing is the process that involves applying corsetry to the maximum possible extent in order to get the smallest waist size that is possible. A tight-lacer generally needs to wear corset all day and night and pull the laces increasingly and consistently tighter. These days, more and more women are turning to corset wearing and beginners often keep asking about waist-training and tight-lacing. The two terms are frequently used interchangeably, but they are not the names for the same thing. These are two varied techniques which differ in the following ways:

Process of waist trimming

In waist training, corset is worn on a daily basis and the lacing is done moderately tight to get a safe and realistic waist size. The shaping of waist is generally achieved by following the instructions laid down by a professional corset training expert, in order to avoid bodily harm. Wearers go slowly with the approach. However, tight lacing involves wearers to wear their corsets increasingly tighter over many months or even years to shape the waist in a specific way. Users also need to follow a strict diet for permanent weight loss and body shape changing.

Span of use

Waist training is carried out over a short time period. The corset is not worn too tightly. Care is taken that it sits comfortably on the waist and molds itself to the contours of the body of the wearer. It is made of a material that can evenly withstand the strain of waist size reduction. Putting excessive pressure over the corset is avoided at the beginning to avoid damage to the stitching and the fabric. Tight lacing, on the other hand, involves lacing a corset over a longer duration. It can be carried out over many months or years so that the body gets enough time to adjust itself to the shape of the corset. When the wearer manages to reduce 2 to 4 inches of waist size, she puts on a corset of a comparatively smaller size to carry on their body training until they manage to get the very narrow waist size that they want. This type of training is generally done over a greater time period and even a lifetime in many cases. This technique includes continuous dedication and hard work to move towards a specific goal or waist size. But most women who train their waist these days generally do not indulge in tight-lacing each and every day.

Expert involvement

The process of waist training generally demands the involvement of experts in a more inclusive manner. It is recommended that you follow the instructions specified by your waist trainer or corset training expert. After some amount of usage, corsets make you lose 3-4 inches from waist and then have a compression effect on your internal organs such as the liver and the intestines. Naturally, too much pressure on these organs at too short a time can give rise to health problems for you or any other woman for that matter. Tight lacing, on the other hand, is carried out step by step. Users have to graduate from one corset to another one of a smaller size. This is not a fast process. Rather, it takes months and years to achieve the ‘perfect’ body shape. The waist shaping is carried out over a longer duration and the pressure is increased gradually. This reduces the risks of disorders somewhat, although there can always be problems of too tight lacing. Making your lacings tighter can lead to same kind of problems like waist training. This is exactly the reason why you should best get in touch with an expert corset trainer even in this method. It is alwaysbetter to be safe rather than sorry and when it comes to something as serious as your health, it is always recommended that you proceed with enough caution and expert advice.

Whether you are waist training or tight lacing, it is very essential for you to choose the appropriate corset for your type of body and according to your end objective. With the right corset made of a material suitable for your skin and body, you will find the process of waist size reduction much more enjoyable. After all, beautification should be fun and never a loathsome and uncomfortable thing to do. Once you are comfortable, it will translate into contentment and confidence and make you look more attractive with your new hourglass figure.

What is waist training ?

It can be hard figuring out all the information regarding waist training online. Never spend money to purchase a book or information because a lot of information is available for free on the internet. So I thought that I should put together a guide of waist training to help people willing to get started waist training but they’re not sure how to move on.

I will try to cover all you need to understand about waist training. Although the guide is provided for the beginners, yet it doesn’t mean that experts can’t learn from these instructions.

Before you begin the waist training routine, it’s recommended that consider understanding exactly what this is. Well, it’s a process that needs wearing a latest tight laced corset or waist trainer to cinch in your waistline. It provides women a more magnified hourglass shape with an actually small waist with the hips remaining with curves.

Don’t expect for the quicker results

Keep in mind that this type of process is not expected to happen overnight. No need to keep a hope that you will suddenly lose 6 inches off the waist by a trainer worn for a few days. It’s possible to feel that waist trainer pulls you in so as the result, you may measure some inches smaller after wearing the trainer.

After a few days, you will notice that the body is getting trained to be pulled in at your waist. Although, it’s not to be called permanent, but yes, we can consider it as semi-permanent. It simply means that stopping wearing the waist trainer for more than 5 days will make you notice that your waist is going back to where it was before starting this process.

No need to wear the waist trainer after every hour of the day, but a fact must be kept in mind that the more it’s worn the quicker results you will see and get. It means that when you see the result and you feel that you have gotten the size you wanted you still need to wear the corset or trainer for more than 3 hours a day to maintain the appearance you owned.

Choosing a waist trainer

When it comes to select a waist trainer, it’s important to make sure that choose the best waist trainer that is affordable to you. It doesn’t mean that you should consider buying an unstructured, cheap, and bad trainer that won’t show you any positive results.

If it’s your first time to use the waist trainer, consider having a basic latex waist trainer to begin off with. Consider buying a waist trainer with metal closure that can be worn under all kinds of clothes.