Waist Cincher after Pregnancy

A common question that often is asked does waist cincher work during and after the pregnancy. Before one answers to this question, the value of cincher must be recognized.

A waist cincher is used just to reduce the look of your stomach that seems odd whenever a woman gets pregnant. This girdle often gives good compression by several combinations such as flex-boning, cotton materials, power latex, and hook-eye closures. It’s better to get more waist slimming capability than shapewear such as Spanx, Wacoal, and Flexees. There are many other names used for waist cinchers such as fajitas, girdles, and corsets.

After giving birth, if waist cincher is used consistently it may reduce your tummy and help you shrink the waist to its original figure. Sometimes, you can get the smaller waist even than you had before pregnancy.

A waist cincher flattens your hips and tummy and prevents fat cell to enlarge. It helps you straighten your spine as well. After giving birth, the uterus gets swelling and if you use waist cincher in the right way, it helps you return it to its previous size and also helps swelling down as well as the extra fluid can come out.

Waist Cincher after Pregnancy
Waist Cincher after Pregnancy

When and how long it should be worn after the delivery?

Well, it depends on the condition a woman has. Normally, she can wear it after 2 or 3 hours from the delivery time. After wearing it, she will need to use it for more than 9 months because for this long, the hormone Relaxin remains within her body.

The recommended brand is Belly Bandit. It shows the results within few weeks after giving birth, and your tummy will be looked as it was before the delivery. It can make the belly as flat as possible.

According to many celebrities like Jessica Alba, they have worn the waist cincher after having 3 children, and they gotten their old body back within three months. She said that I gained over 30 pounds when I was pregnant and sometimes, I like being pregnant and other times I had some issue in this condition.

No doubt, there are some cons as well in wearing such items. Your newborn baby won’t like it when he is needed to feed. Your waist cincher would be uncomfortable for him so, it’s not recommended that you wear it for the whole day. However, consider wearing it for no more than 8 hours a day, and try to have when you are more active.

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