How to pick best espresso machine

After my old coffee maker bit the dust I was finally in the market for a new enhanced model. I decided that THIS time, I would make sure to pick one that could handle the varied requests of my hipster friends. Given that I was being bombarded with so many requests (pourover, macchiato, latte, espresso, americano, doppio, etc.) I wanted to rise to the occasion and so headed onto the internet to do the proper due diligence! It didn’t take long to realize that I was in for a real education into what was required to provide the full gambit (or at least the favorites) of offerings available on the market! My initial reaction was to break down and settle for an old tea kettle and a glass french press style coffee maker and leave it at that I could explain it away that I refused to engage others in their coffee fetishes and that if they wanted to imbibe their caffeine cravings at mi casa, they would have to make due!

This got me rummaging around in the goodwill where I saw an old espresso maker. It reminded me of my parents house and their best espresso machine and the fun of creating lattes and mochas, the summer iced americano and the regular of cup of joe. I decided to not give up and to persue the greatness that I knew waited beyond the Goodwill on Amazon!

I knew what I needed to focus on to make this a worthwhile venture. I needed a machine with the ability to produce one or two shots at once. This is so I could make sure that the shots wouldn’t go bitter and lose their unique flavor prior to adding the milk, water or other enhancers. I needed to be able to adjust the grind coarseness and brew strength to meet the varied needs of my friends. I needed the ability to produce foam. Not just any foam but jets that would imbue the milk with the richest lather that you can imagine. Pure velvet in the mouth. The ability to create multiple types of shots at the same time for my many frequent guests ( I am quite popular). It must be easy to clean!!!

After minutes of research, Amazon recommended the De’Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker. It didn’t take long to see that for the neophyte, such as myself, I would do quite well with such a machine given the number of features it offered at a price point that I could afford. Once it arrived, I was hooked! I was whipping up regular brewed coffee, Cappuccinos, Breve Lattes and every other drink I could think of! The unit self primes so I turn it on, add the grounds and can walk away to let it do it’s thing for my morning americano. The ability to dial in the water temperature means that I get to play barista and impress my friends!

My friends knew where to come for good conversation before, but now they know where to come for an experience!